Volume 7

Volume 7 was released on 12 December 2016 at the House of Commons
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The UK Supreme Court Yearbook was established contemporaneously with the UK Supreme Court as an initiative of the graduate community at the University of Cambridge. The then Editors-in-Chief observed an important constitutional moment in the UK legal order, noting that the Review was ‘intent on seizing this opportunity to document and chart the institutional development of the Court as it continues to evolve’ and expressed their hope that ‘in time the annual review will provide a comprehensive and complete chronicle of the Supreme Court.’

After the publication of the first volume, the Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law (‘the CJICL’) was established at the University of Cambridge and took over the publication of the Yearbook. Thereafter, the second, third and fourth volumes of the Yearbook were published as annual issues of the CJICL. The Yearbook grew in strength from volume-to-volume, as the breadth of contributions and consequent depth of analysis expanded over time. At the same time, the Yearbook continued to develop its distinctiveness in the world of legal academic publishing by concentrating exclusively on institutional aspects of the UK Supreme Court, which warranted publication in its own right.

The fifth, sixth and seventh volumes of the Yearbook were published with a separate editorial board and will continue to be published autonomously in future volumes from year-to-year.